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Heart Attacks in Young Adults

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Why Heart Attacks Have Become Common In Young Adults?

Heart attacks are often associated with older adults, but an alarming trend has emerged in recent years—more young people are experiencing heart attacks. While these incidents remain relatively rare among the young population, they are concerning, as they can lead to long-term health complications or even prove fatal. This blog aims to shed light on the reasons behind heart attacks in young people, including their causes, risk factors, symptoms, the importance of emergency CPR, and available treatment options.

Causes of Heart Attacks in Young People

Use Of Tobacco

Tobacco use is a major risk factor for heart disease, and young smokers and tobacco chewers are at a higher risk of experiencing heart attacks.

Sitting For Prolonged Hours, Sedentary Lifestyle

Now the major work is being done through computers in all the sectors/departments or professions which has forced people to sit at a place for prolonged hours and is increasing obesity increases the risk of various cardiovascular conditions, including high blood pressure, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome, all of which can contribute to heart attacks. Lack of daily exercise adds to obesity.

High stress

The world has become highly competitive, the rush to prove your worth takes a toll on your body. Stress is the one of the major cause of initiating many diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

Less Social Life In Metros

Long traveling hours, work pressure, and other commitments are few reasons the social life is altered. People are getting more inclined towards social media and OTT platforms.

Smart Fitness: Warm Up, Cool Down

Many individuals make the mistake of overexerting themselves at the gym, especially after a prolonged break from workouts. They often overlook the fundamental importance of a proper warm-up and cool-down routine. Achieving a balance between rest and intensity is crucial for a healthy and effective fitness regimen.

Eating Habits

Eating while watching movies or series on OTT platforms at home. Ready-made food which contains preservatives are not healthy for the body.


Post COVID it has been observed that rate of heart attack has increased significantly, since the clot or thrombosis has increased.

Risk Factors For Young People

While the causes of heart attacks in young people are diverse, certain risk factors contribute to their likelihood and may accelerate the chances of heart attack.

Family History

A family history of heart disease or early heart attacks can predispose young individuals to the condition.

High Blood Pressure

Hypertension is a significant risk factor, and it’s increasingly prevalent among young adults due to unhealthy lifestyle choices.

High Cholesterol

Elevated levels of cholesterol can lead to the formation of arterial plaque, potentially causing heart attacks.


Young people with diabetes are at a higher risk because of the impact of uncontrolled blood sugar on the cardiovascular system.

Symptoms Of A Heart Attack In Young People

Recognizing the symptoms of a heart attack is crucial for seeking immediate medical attention. Common signs include-

Chest Pain

This is the most classic symptom, often described as a crushing, squeezing, or heaviness in the chest.

Radiating Pain

Pain may spread to the arms, neck, jaw, back, or stomach.

Shortness of Breath

Young individuals may experience difficulty breathing, which can occur with or without chest pain.

Cold Sweats

Profuse sweating, feeling lightheaded, and nausea can also be indicators of a heart attack.

Importance Of Emergency CPR

Emergency CRP

In the event of a suspected heart attack, immediate action is crucial. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can make a significant difference. If you are with someone experiencing a heart attack and collapsed or unconscious follow these steps-

  1. Call 102 – Request emergency assistance immediately.
  2. Start CPR – Begin chest compressions if the person is unresponsive and not breathing. Push hard and fast in the centre of the chest.
  3. Use An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) – If available, use an AED to deliver an electric shock that can help restore a normal heart rhythm.

 At Jinkushal Cardiac Care Hospital, we take free of cost CPR training on a Sunday once a month.

Treatment Options

Young people who experience heart attacks may require various treatments, including-


Doctors may prescribe medications to dissolve blood clots, reduce blood pressure, or lower cholesterol levels. Rush to a cardiac hospital immediately get an ECG done, Further doctor may suggest other treatment options like-

  1. Angioplasty & Stent Placement: A procedure that can open blocked arteries and insert a stent to maintain blood flow.
  2. Bypass Surgery: In severe cases, coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) may be necessary to create new pathways for blood flow.
  3. Cardiac Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation programs help patients recover and reduce the risk of future heart attacks through lifestyle changes.

While heart attacks in young people were relatively rare, now they have become common. Awareness of risk factors, prompt recognition of symptoms, and knowledge of emergency CPR can be life-saving. Young individuals must take steps to reduce their risk by making healthy lifestyle choices, managing underlying conditions, and seeking regular medical check-ups. Heart health is crucial at every age, and by staying informed and proactive, we can work to minimize the risk of heart attacks among young people.

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